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In California, divorce is called a dissolution. A dissolution of the marriage gives these results:


  1. The marriage is over

  2. Property is divided under the community property laws of the state

  3. Custody and visitation of children will be determined by court order

  4. Spousal support, if appropriate, will also be determined

  5. The parties will get their former names if they desire


The decision to get a divorce is never easy.  And when children are involved, it’s even more complicated.  During this difficult period, the support and guidance from an experienced family law attorney is vital to protecting your interests. 


Attorney Hector C. Perez works directly with each client to explore all options and find the solution that works best for the situation. Wherever possible, we try to save you time, money and stress – now and in the future.


Sometimes, all that is needed is for the proper forms and procedure to be followed. If that is the case, the firm can enter into unbundled services to do only specific work that is needed in your case.


On the other hand, if you have a disputed case involving children’s custody and visitation or property that cannot be divided amicably, then you should invest in hiring a fully retained attorney. A good attorney who is comfortable in a court setting will give you the peace of mind that you need in the bitter child custody fights and the complex real estate issues that arise.


Family law matters are never just about one person; we will look for solutions that work for everyone involved – especially the children.


Our office provides the following services:


  • Divorce called "Dissolution of Marriage"

  • Custody and visitation orders that are in the best interests of your children

  • Requests for Orders granting child support

  • Modification of existing child support orders

  • Protecting mother’s or father’s rights in child custody and visitation disputes

  • Applications for restraining orders where there is domestic violence

  • Defense against a request for a restraining order for domestic violence

  • Resolution of high stakes disputes through mediation


Don’t spend another minute worrying that you have no control over the custody of your children.  The family law court is a valuable way and the only way to protect your rights as a parent.  Call our office today for a free consultation. 


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