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ANOTHER Reason to Hire a Local Attorney.

Our previous blog discussed the first advantage of hiring a local attorney: their knowledge of local legal rules and courtroom procedure.

This blog post will explain a second key benefit for hiring a lawyer in your community – the advantage of greater accessibility and connections with other local law professionals. If you live in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or the Inland Empire and are in need of legal services consider Hector Perez - he is passionate about serving his community.

The second reason to hire a local attorney like Hector is the level of accessibility and connections that are offered.

II. Accessibility and Connections

  • One of the major advantages of hiring an attorney in your community is the level of accessibility. For example, Hector is easy to connect with. He will answer phone calls personally, schedule an in-person meeting, or even meet with you via Zoom. If you have any questions or concerns you can easily make an appointment, see him in person at his office, drop off any required documents, or talk directly to him over the phone. You can reach out to Hector personally for any legal matters concerning Trust & Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law, Personal Injury, or Restraining Orders. He is available for free consultations via phone call, so if you are in need of legal services call him at (562) 484-7009.

  • In addition, local attorneys have valuable connections with the surrounding communities. They attend local events, conferences, and social functions which offer them a chance to develop contacts with other attorneys and local judges. If Hector cannot help you, he will know someone who can!


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